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Brother Ben

Rev. Dr. theol. Ben Janzen, Ph.D, CSM, APBCC, CGRMS 

Ben grew up in Germany as the youngest of three. Upon finishing High School, he joined the Franciscan Capuchin Order of the Roman Catholic Church where he enjoyed his education as a Catholic Theologian within the Franciscan tradition. 

Brother Ben is member of the Congregation of the Servants Minor (CSM) of whom he is the Servant General. In May 2020, Br. Ben was ordained priest with apostolic succession in the Roman Catholic, the Old-Catholic and the Anglican Church.


Ben has been working with VITAS Healthcare, San Diego, as a Hospice Chaplain since 2010. In 2015, he took the position of Bereavement Services Manager.


In 2018, Ben was certified as an Advanced Practice Board Certified Chaplain (APBCC) with the Spiritual Care Association, and as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist (CGRMS) with the Grief Recovery Institute.

Ben is a member of the board of the San Diego County Coalition for the Improvement of End of Life Care and the board and planning committee for the Beautiful Dying Expo.

In February, Br. Ben was nominated the

Vicar General of the Diocese of San Damiano.

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