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End of Life Care Within a Catholic Context

Progressive Catholic Church

We support your choice. We believe that you are a responsible person who strives to bring the Gospel to life. We will not tell you what to chose but we will support you no matter what choice you made and will walk with you the extra mile and offer companionship until the end.


Being a Brother to Those in Need

Our mission is to provide spiritual care and companionship to those who have lost their home in the traditional Churches. We are an open and accepting congregation. We strive to be aware of color but not judge anyone by their color. We want to acknowledge sexual orientation but not fall into the trap of discriminating.

We strive to honor choices that were made from the bottom of our hearts and not measure our support by the degree we agree with that decision.

Our Guides are St Clare and St Francis of Assisi. Both developed the spirituality of sisterhood and brotherhood. We are all equal, Sisters and Brothers of different cultures and colors.

But we are all Children of the Same Universe. Let us practice Kindness and Compassion.

Blessed be you, O God, through our Sister Bodily Death

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